Troubleshoot Roku connectivity issues with go.roku.com/connectivity

As we all know, Roku is the best streaming device that is available in the US. However, can we stream if there is no internet?  Yeah! It is very difficult. Let us now see how to perform the go.roku.com/connectivity.

You may not be able to set up your device if your Roku is unable to connect to your home router or gain access to the internet via the router. If the network or internet connection is lost after your computer has been set up, you may not be able to start channels that require an internet connection, or you may encounter interruptions while streaming.

Connecting your Roku to a wireless network

To begin with, make sure you have the following to successfully accomplish the connection successfully

  • A Roku streaming stick, box, or Roku TV
  • Your Roku remote control
  • A Router that has either Wired and Wireless connectivity options
  • And the password of the network
  • Now let us see how to perform the wireless connectivity
Connecting your Roku to a wireless network
  • Now turn on your TV and start with the setup of your Roku player or the stick
  • Make a note that you cannot give a wired connection to the streaming stick
  • However, you can prefer a wired connection for your player
  • During the setup, it will ask you if you want a wired connection or wireless connection
  • In this case, you will have to choose the wireless connection
  • But if you want to establish a wired connection then you can navigate to the next session on the same page
  • If you are connecting to the wireless network for the first time then the device will automatically lookout for the routers near you
  • A set of SSIDs will now be seen on the screen
  • Choose the one that you prefer using the Roku remote
  • In case you do not see your home network click on scan again
  • Once you choose the one you want, it will ask you the password
  • Now type the password and find the establishment of wireless connectivity
  • If the connection does not come in, try typing the password again!

Wired connection

This is the easiest way of connection. But you cannot prefer this if you have a Roku stick

  • Locate the Ethernet port at the back of the Roku player
  • Make sure you place the router near the player
  • Now use the Ethernet cable and link the router and the player
  • The connection is now established

Issues with connectivity

If you are facing any problems with the go.roku.com/connectivity, you are in the correct session. There are many issues that might arise and the solutions for those are also very simple

Roku setupCheck your connection:

    1. To begin with, go to Settings > Network > check the connection to conduct a two-part test
    2. The first step scans for your home network link and tests the signal quality
    3. The second part tests if you’re connected to the internet and calculates the connection speed
    4. If the speed of the wireless signal or Internet speed is low, on-screen instructions will be there to help solve the problem

Name of the wireless network:

    1. Make sure you have chosen the correct name of the wireless network
    2. If you choose the wrong network and type the password of your home network it might not accept
    3. So try choosing the SSID again

Wrong password:

    1. Remember that passwords are case sensitive
    2. If you have a capital letter in your password turn on the caps lock and type that letter
    3. Make sure you turn off the caps lock after you enter that letter
    4. You can also use the shift key on your keyboard

Check the working of the router:

    1. Link to your home network using your desktop or mobile device and try to access the internet by launching a public website such as www.roku.com
    2. If you can connect from another computer to the internet, your router provides internet connectivity successfully and you can move to the next stage
    3. If you cannot connect to the internet, try restarting your router before contacting your ISP

Improve the strength of the signal:

    1. If your password is right and other devices can access the router, but your Roku system still does not connect to your wireless network, the wireless signal strength is the most likely problem
    2. The more your Roku device is from your router, and with more barriers such as walls and cabinets between your router and your Roku device, the stronger the wireless signal is
Troubleshoot the Roku connectivity issues with the help of Go.Roku.com/connectivity

Try restarting the Roku Player

Go to Settings > Program > Restart of the program to restart your Roku player
You can also unplug the Roku device from the power source, wait and reconnect it for a few moments
Review your ISP or router vendor’s instructions to reboot your router
In some cases, you may easily unplug it and plug it back for, and you may need to click a reset button on the machine in other situations
Make a note that restarting of both devices will take a few minutes
Subsequently, It should reconnect if you have previously linked your Roku system to your router

Try restarting the Roku Player

Common error codes that occur

1   Error code 009
2   Error code 012
3   Error code 013

4   Error code 014
5   Error code 016
6   Error code 017
7   Error code 14.20
8   Error code 14.30
9   Error code 14.50
10   Error code 14.10 or 14.11
11   Error code 14.40 or 14.41
12   Error code 14.62 or 14.64

The solutions for all these error codes is solving the go.roku.com/connectivity issue only

Difference between a Wireless connection and A Ethernet connection

Wireless Connection

All Roku streaming devices are capable of connecting via wireless to your router. Many Roku video systems also have an Ethernet port that links using a cable

  • If connecting the cable from your router to the Roku system is easy, Ethernet will provide a quicker and more secure link. Just link a regular Ethernet cable to the port at the back of your Roku system from an appropriate port on your router
  • You can also get excellent results from a wireless connection, ensuring that you are located close enough to your router to obtain a clear signal

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