Privacy policies

Documents, data or information being the important requisite for service activation or cancellation, we follow the privacy policies and other regulations. Understand, accept and adhere to the regulations to access our service. Privacy policies explain the data collection methods and the required documents collected

Documents or data required

  • Personal data- Include the Name, email ID and password
  • Credit card and Billing data- Required to activate or access the service
  • Location Information- Will be collected from the customers if required
  • Plan orders and service plans – Required to activate or cancel the service
  • Error reports – To analyze  and identify the reason and cause of the error
  • Device manuals- Check these manuals to  find the device features, specifications, and other information


To collect the required documents from our customers, we contact them through the email or chat services available. Customer emails and messages  may be recorded if required

Rules and regulations

It’s required to follow the rules and regulations framed by the judicial authorities. In the event of any Misuse, Mis Interpretation or violation, you will be penalized. These regulations always depend upon the cause and severity of the issue


Confidentiality denote the responsibility and we never share the data or information collected to the judicial authorities without the prior approval of the customers. We do not encourage reproducing or reusing the information posted for personal use

Cookies- Enable the settings to track the website traffic and you can even download the required documents. It’s always good to read and understand the Privacy policies and if you would like to know more, check the information posted on our webpage. Speak to our customer support to know more about the Terms and conditions, Privacy policies