Terms and conditions

Rules and regulations are important to follow and it’s recommended to the accept and adhere the terms and conditions, privacy policies. If you would like to access our service, let us provide few updates here. This policy plays the role to bind the customers and website authorities

Our service

We are always committed to offer excellent support and assistance for Roku device setup, activation and troubleshooting

Contact our customer support

Reach out to our Roku support and we have a team of certified techies who can guide you round the clock, explain the regulations and guidelines to follow

Judicial regulations

Rules and regulations are many and help to prevent the misuse, misinterpretation. It’s not recommended to use the information or data posted for personal use or share it with the Third-party authorities. Copy right regulations- This regulation helps to prevent copyright issues. Do not reproduce the images, articles posted on our webpage

What if you violate the rules and regulations?

In case of violation of these regulations, you may be penalized as per the regulations framed by the concerned authorities

Policies that we follow

  • Refund policies or chargeback policies – Plays the role to cancel any of the services offered
  • Privacy policies – Explain how we collect the required data from customers


As you read through or visit our webpage, you may receive a prompt to click on the agree tab to proceed

Liability and user responsibility

It’s the user responsibility to secure and safeguard their personal and billing, credit card information. Under no circumstances, our website authorities will be liable for the loss or misuse


  • The Term “You” denote the customers or users
  • The Term “We” represent the website authorities
  • Services- It’s all about the service support  that we offer
  • Materials – Materials include the White papers, press releases, product information, reference guide or manuals

Changes- The changes that we make for the Terms and conditions will be updated regularly on our webpage. Stay updated to know more. Would you like to know more about the regulations that we follow, reach out to our customer support at the earliest